The Htc one or the Htc one x?

30 Aug

Htc one vs Htc one x, its a difficult one – however, this article will tell you all you need to know.

Design, quality and storage.

The HTC One offers an aluminum curved back and much more aggressive corners, with only slightly rounded corners, while the  HTC One X has a polycarbonate body with rounded corners that’s both easy to handle. When it comes to storage both versions are available in 32GB and 64GB.


The HTC One and the HTC One X are similarly equipped when it comes to battery capacity. The HTC One uses a 2300 mah battery, while the One X+  just has 2100 mAh. However, both smartphones should provide similar battery life as the HTC One uses more power.

Cameras and Speakers.

The HTC One is a smartphone that speaks multimedia, the dual speakers are accompanied by Beats headphone amplifier, while the camera system is unique. HTC has invented the term UltraPixel to define a 4-megapixel camera that has bigger pixels capable of getting more light and therefore to produce better photo and video. The HTC One X+ is not nearly as impressive, featuring a mono speaker, an 8MP primary camera and a 1.6MP secondary camera.

Android and software.

There have been several improvements that have been made to the design of the UI with the New Sense, with HTC also bringing new features such as the BlinkFeed, which is a live home screen that displays a stream of events similar to a home screen of a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.


The HTC One is a much better phone than the HTC One X+. The HTC One is faster and uses a new and sleek interface which comes with dual speakers as well as an improved camera.