GSS GoSpree app will be launching and offers Discounts and Deals

15 May

GoSpree app will be launching this year June 9 at Paragon. This app will allow users to download e-coupons which they can redeem and consolidate  in a form of discounts. Each retailers will have a unique QR code, that can be used by shoppers by simply scanning the code to unlock special deals.

Also, it allows the user to choose the discounts which can be compiled and used at designated stores.

Marketing A Mobile Application

03 May

Launching a  new mobile application is quite a challenge since you need it to market it to it’s users and they are numerous apps has been introduced to people nowadays. But, you can still have plenty of options to make it market to a bunch of people. Here are some of the technique that might help you in marketing your application.

  • Place ads on ad networks.
  • Distribute the app on gaming platforms.
  • Place ads to your paid social campaigns.
  • Implement promotional platforms


Mobile Approach

06 Apr


  • Less stable than native
  • Pulls in data much more slowly than native
  • Browser fragmentation
  • No app store discover-ability
  • May take longer to generate revenue
  • Scarcity of mobile web developers
  • Less offline capabilities
  • Poor gaming capabilities
  • Not as UI rich is native
  • Less device access capabilities


  • Leverage effective web search technology for discoverability
  • Native mobile developers are getting more expensive
  • More capable than HTML4
  • Multimedia support
  • Cost efficient
  • Cross-platform
  • Less maintenance
  • Multivariate testing
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Smaller device footprint
  • Can be wrapped in hybrid format

The Differences Between Native Apps and Mobile Cloud Apps

27 Mar

Mobile app development and native apps differences are apparent and here are some of there differences.

The mobile environment – is it mobile device or mobile cloud server.

Feel and look – Mobile cloud apps does not support notifications , while native apps provide notifications such as IOS notification.

On-device access feature – Native apps have a direct access to on-device features like GPS, camera and more. While mobile cloud access this features through APIs.

UI speed – generelly native apps are more faster than mobile cloud since it runs on mobile devices while mobile cloud depends on the browser of mobile devices.

Through Android App Your Business will Boost

13 Feb

Today, mostly people prefer online shopping using their mobile apps and smartphones. For your website, it needs to be mobile friendly, so your customer can reach your business using their phones,which they bring wherever they go.

An android app is an example to this. It is an operating system that runs through a smart phones devices. This is good for a business that wants to compete the market today, where today customers tend to shop in virtual world. For the reason, that it is less hassle and much easy to buy  and especially less effort.


2016 Latest Mobile Apps Development Trends

20 Jan

Mobile Application Development Industry has been continued evolving. The mobile app market has grow bigger than expected, using smartphones, tablets which used with the help of internet and other devices. Here are some of 2016 latest trends about developing mobile apps.

  1. Rapid Iterations of Mobile Development
  2. Mobile App played by cloud technology
  3. Mobile Apps Security
  4. Wearable Devices
  5. App Analytics
  6. User Experience
  7. Mobile Games