GSS GoSpree app will be launching and offers Discounts and Deals

15 May

GoSpree app will be launching this year June 9 at Paragon. This app will allow users to download e-coupons which they can redeem and consolidate  in a form of discounts. Each retailers will have a unique QR code, that can be used by shoppers by simply scanning the code to unlock special deals.

Also, it allows the user to choose the discounts which can be compiled and used at designated stores.

Marketing A Mobile Application

03 May

Launching a  new mobile application is quite a challenge since you need it to market it to it’s users and they are numerous apps has been introduced to people nowadays. But, you can still have plenty of options to make it market to a bunch of people. Here are some of the technique that might help you in marketing your application.

  • Place ads on ad networks.
  • Distribute the app on gaming platforms.
  • Place ads to your paid social campaigns.
  • Implement promotional platforms